And to all a good night

I got too busy and never followed up on my posts about the FDA gunning for drinks that are roughly a combination of Red Bull and alcohol, cut with sickly sweet soda.  As you may know, everything has followed the predicted course of action:  Cans containing five beers’ worth of sweetened alcohol are still being sold, with some still including various dicey stimulants, but if the kids want a modest amount of caffeine too they will have to spring for another 50 cents worth of coffee.

Another non-solution to media-frenzy pseudo-problem brought to you by the nanny state.  Now if only the FDA could do something about kids wanting to rapidly down five beers in the first place the world will be a better place.  (Hint:  Don’t hold your breath for our health masters to figure out a solution to that one.)

Anyway, the reason I decided to post about this is that I just wanted to thank the FDA for its combination of arbitrariness and wimpiness, in going after cheap caffeine-alcohol combinations that are liked by powerless drunken young people wanting to save a few bucks on their buzz, but mysteriously ignoring the higher end stuff.  As usual, nanny statism mostly only hurts the less well off, and not those who like the occasional holiday evening downing Kahlua and Vanilla Silk (or for the fans of the really cloying, Kahlua and Silk Nog).

Perhaps there should be some kind of interlock that prevents blogging under the influence.  Oh well.

Happy Xmas or whatever version of the solstice holiday you prefer.

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