Unhealthful News 87 – all I have time for before takeoff

Air France has seatbelt extenders for infants. Much smarter than what Pediatrics recommends (full car seats filling up the plane). Viva.

I promise to have a better post tomorrow.

[Anyone wonder what happened to UN87?  I really did send it out and it said it posted, but it does not appear in the blog reader — you need to tell me things, friends.  So here it is (again?).  I still claim credit for posting it on time!  As long as I am at it, I will add an update:  AF is great (they even give out baby toys), but the remote controls for their televisions etc. are really lame.  After spilling just one little whiskey and water over one of them in a groggy state in the middle of hte night, it kept resetting my movie and, worse, turning the overhead light on and off and calling the flight attendant.  The French just do not have good waterproof electronics.  U-S-A, U-S-A.]

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