Back again (and video about why industrial wind turbines are so bad)

Hi, everyone.  Has it really been almost three weeks since I posted?  Sorry about that.  I got quite sick (which is to say, poorly — I know about half my readers speak English rather than American) and just could not get better for two weeks.  When I finally did, I was behind on everything.  Not only did it make a mess of the holidays, but I missed a prime time for bloggers and feature writers, when we can look back over the year or prognosticate about the new one.  I might do just a tiny bit of that — after all, if I could not live with being late, I would not be able to live with myself.

I will start posting again this week.  In the meantime, I will post a link to a talk I just gave and then recorded a voiceover slideshow version, an overview of the case against industrial wind turbines (which is roughly synonymous with “the case against wind power” given current practice).  Caveats: it is long (50 minutes; it is not a topic that can be covered quickly), I cannot claim it is the best version of that overview available (there are others by people who specialize in making that overview, whereas I normally focus on the health effects), and there are bits that are for the specific audience (though that is explained  at the beginning and should not be a problem).  Otoh, I think it is pretty good, or I would not have recorded it, and there are some interesting things to learn about the topic.  So if you are interested in that topic or just like the way I give talks, here it is:

One response to “Back again (and video about why industrial wind turbines are so bad)

  1. Thanks Carl,

    Though we've discussed some of these things before, they were never quite as clear to me as they now are due to this presentation. I only hope that many others view this as well. Important points made in an area that very few seem to know anything about, and given that the technology, in your own words, has no benefit to speak of, it is even more crucial that this information make it to the general public (and to some policy drivers as well).

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