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Unhealthful News 141 – Follow-up: Addiction & the more you read, the funnier Simon Chapman gets

Having written rather involved essays on addiction and the poor scholarly skills and negative public health contributions of Simon Chapman lately, I thought I would make it shorter and simple today by doing a quick follow-up on these. Yesterday I … Continue reading

Unhealthful News 138 – Another side of Simon Chapman? Nope, he’s clueless about wind turbines.

Credit to Paul Bergen for noticing this and pointing out the remarkable coincidence: Simon Chapman, a professor of public health at the University of Sydney, wrote a really bad commentary about wind turbines, employing the utter confidence while having no … Continue reading

A bit more on the economics of cigarette (dis)branding

In my last post, I offered some analysis about how the efforts to reduce the brand equity of premium cigarette brands (via plain packaging) will tend to eliminate the existing incentives for social responsibility among manufacturers.  I have two additional … Continue reading