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FDA ecig regulation vs. Iraq War, parallels

Someone was lamenting to me that the attempt to respond to the FDA’s new proposed regulation of e-cigarettes is sadly like the protests in 2003 in advance of the invasion of Iraq: a lot of people are protesting and pointing out obvious downsides, but isn’t the U.S. government going to just do what it wants anyway?

That got me thinking about other parallels, and they struck me as uncanny, and deserving of one of those “versus” tables, which appears below.  However, I am not so entirely pessimistic as my correspondent — see the italicized observations toward the end.

(Obvious disclaimer:  This blog, and thus this post, is not a CASAA publication like is.)

Sorry about the annoying margins — graphic design is not in my skill set.  Click to enlarge (and if your system works like mine, click again to enlarge more). Of if you want a .docx version to play with yourself (ideas for improving it welcome): phillips IraqWar-vs-FDAecigRegs.

phillips IraqWar-vs-FDAecigRegs