Monthly Archives: August 2014

Announcing the newest member of my team

Sorry, for the blog silence.  I have been busy with this tour de force (if I do say so myself), plus moving house, plus the following little matter.

I would like to welcome Sabrina “Abby” Hope Heavner-Phillips.  As the newest member of my team, I immediately appointed her my social media coordinator because, as far as I can tell, the qualifications for that job consist of being born recently and being willing to work for free, and she has those nailed.  After only a couple of weeks, she is already proving to be above average at the job.  Her next task will be to figure out an i.d. handle to use that is not quite as long as her name.

The highlights from her CV include: healthy; a height percentile that exceeds the sum of her parents’ percentiles by a solid margin[*]; the fascinating omen of being born cauled; and eyes that make her look like she came from Arrakis (not pictured).


[*Yes, of course I am aware that it is utter nonsense to sum percentiles.  Believing in omens, however, makes perfect sense.]